About the Blog

"So fresh air, open waves, mild nights, wild days, 
wandering in wonder
pondering what wandering we'll do."
- Home from Home by Roo Panes

This blog is about storytelling- telling my own story. As an undergrad, I told my story through a blog called "Come! Live in the Light," a blog sponsored by Notre Dame Campus Ministry. While that blog was deleted when I graduated, an archive remains of it here. As I enter the "real world," this new blog will the location of my musings from now on. Think of it as the sequel.

On this blog you'll find weekly posts about my life, usually with a spiritual slant. I am also open to posting about books I read, playlists I make, travels I take, and other thoughts and ideas I have. As I move to Ireland in the fall, I expect I'll do a lot of wandering and I'm excited to revel in wonder at what I find there. Welcome to this journey.

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