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Hey, I'm Megan. I'm 22 and a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame. In August, I moved to Wexford, Ireland for a year-long teaching/music ministry fellowship called "House of Brigid."

This is my "professional headshot" for when I feel fancy
In undergrad, I studied English, French, and Education. And it makes sense, because reading/writing, traveling, and teaching are three of my favorite things. I spent spring of 2015 studying in Paris and that same summer interning in Ireland. I can't shut up about it- which is probably why I decided to spend another year in Europe. I spent a lot of time writing- whether blogging about my life or dreaming fictional stories. After my year in Ireland, I'm hoping to become a teacher- but who knows where my wanderings will take me.

Thank you study abroad for the plethora of future profile pictures

My other favorite things include: ballet, singing in choir, staying up late reading, teaching yoga to my friends, wearing flower crowns, making up playlists, and my little bunny Eliza.

Me and Eliza!
Faith is a big part of my life. I love looking to see God works in astonishing ways each day of my life. I challenge myself every day to be the most loving version of myself I can be. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to discuss my faith and I'm looking forward to sharing bits of it here.

I can't wait to share my journeys with you. Welcome to the adventure.

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